Early Child Care Food Program

All menus meet the USDA CACFP Meal Pattern requirements. These healthful and appealing menus can be used as cycle menus offering variety and moderation for balanced nutrition in the child care setting. The menus have been analyzed for major nutrients. Crediting information appears in parentheses after each item on the menu.

Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds

Healthy food is the fuel that drives our children’s growing bodies and minds. Mauzone Food Service is proud to serve the children a tasty and nutritious food. A registered dietician ensures that meals are well balanced and in accordance with the Child Care Food Program Guidelines. An executive chef designs the menus. Our programs serve breakfast, lunch,supper and an afternoon snack.

Allergy Information

We accommodate children with food allergies. Please be sure to discuss any food allergies with the center director and your teacher. The medical form also provides space to indicate food allergies. All food labels have allergen information.